Windpower Championships


Date: Usually held mid September –

Location: WindPower Windsurfing Center, Fond Du Lac, WI
Host organizer: Kevin Gratton and his crew at Wind Power
Resources: Wind Power Web site

History: Each year this event kicks off the new MOWIND Race Series (runs mid-September through the following early September). The event doubles as the MOWIND Race Series awards presentation, and is a great chance to get in those last runs of summer.  Windpower Championships is also recognized by US Windsurfing as one of their National Racing Tour (NRT) events.

The Lake Winneabago Super Crossing is also held the Friday before Windpower Championships, sponsored by Jeff Knutsen ( This is a distance and social event that takes advantage of Winnebago’s impressive size and wind-powered touring options. When conditions permit, the Supercrossing starts at the south end of the lake and finishes 28 miles later at the north end. Niles Book holds the claim to fame for sailing to the north end and back during a Crossing a number of years ago.




Regatta Report

A Fleet  |  Kona & Sport Fleet


Regatta Report

A Fleet  | Sport


Regatta Report

A Fleet  |  Sport and Kona


2014 Regatta Report


A Fleet  |  KONA  |  Sport Fleet


A Fleet  |  Sport Fleet

2013 Regatta Report

2013 Super Crossing Report

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A Fleet  |  Kona Fleet  |  Sport Fleet

2012 Regatta Report


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2011 Windpower Championships

A Fleet Results  |  Sport Fleet Results  |  Kona Fleet Results  |  O’Pen Bic Results


2010 Regatta Report

2010 Windpower Championships A Fleet Results

2010 Windpower Championships Sport Fleet Results

2010 Windpower Championships Workshop Fleet Results


2009 Regatta Report

2009 Windpower Championships A Fleet Results

2009 Windpower Championships Sport & Workshop Fleet Results

2009 Winnebago Super Crossing Results