2016 Windpower Championships

There was lots of racing at the Windpower Championships this weekend. 10 races by ~12:30 on Sunday, and almost squeezed in a long distance race after that. But, some storms were closing in on the radar so we decided to wrap things up. Mark Boersma from Michigan distanced himself from the fleet early and was able to win the Championship by a good margin. Andy Gratton sailed stronger as the event went on to take second place. Arden Anderson, Niels Zaunmueller, and Adam Anderson rounded out the top five. In Sport Fleet, Del Carpenter took the title sailing a great series on his Kona gear, followed by Victor Hora and Ron Mitton.

Thank you to everyone at Windpower Windsurfing for putting on the event. It was a great start to the 2017 MOWIND Race Series.

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