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New London 2017 Report

13 contestants battled it out on the course for 13 races.  3 days of really beautiful weather.    Friday warm up afternoon seen several get out in breezes that built to a nice 10 to 15 for about an hour late afternoon.    Saturday things got underway about 11AM in light breezes that came out of the north which is not the best direction for the reservoir.  The start line was more of a starboard reach which was good to have in light conditions.     There were many tight finishes and mark roundings where 4 or 5  on 8.5 and 7.5 sails were neck and neck all around the course.  Steve Uhthoff from MD and Peter Hartwick from MN on 9.5 sails and modern race boards gave the home boys something to catch.   Mark Drotleff #88 from OH with his 7.5 and Equipe managed to get second overall and even score a couple bullets.    8 races got ran on Saturday as Mark U. and  race committee scoring crew  operating like a finely tuned machine kept things rolling starting the next race within  5 minutes after the last finisher.   Besides a lunch,  a  nice cookout of hamburgers and brauts was done early evening by Carl Rappaport followed by Sunday breakfast and lunch!  It is group camping so everyone sits around Saturday evening sharing sailing stories.    Sunday skippers meeting got held at 9:30AM with first start about 9:45AM.   The upwind mark and start line had been adjusted for the southwest wind  that really filled in nicely and some upwind planing was happenning.     The wind was shifty and it was exciting to have  6 boards all within a 100 yards of the upwind mark but at different tacks.   The wind puffs got longer and bigger each of the 5 Sunday races that finally ended about 12:30.    Many thanks to all that raced ..  really was a fun crowd this year.   Scott #H
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One of the starts ..  there is always that  1.  one guy on port tack,  2  Lunch Break




New London 2015 – 11 races

Reservoir Rendezvous 2015relaxingnlrAbove racing friends gather round having a cool one after Saturdays racing as Carl preps the grill.

Results PDF   2015fleetNLR      2015overallNLR

Early Friday comers were greeted with 10-20 with some higher puffs Friday afternoon making for a great tune up day.   Those that had them were out on short boards and those that didn’t got more tuned up for the weekend races.   Several locals showed up for an afternoon of short boarding.  Course designer Eric Rahnenfuehrer got the marks  set Friday afternoon in an  ABC triangle with start and finish near the beach launch area.  The wind held to the southwest for a nice long upwind from the start line all weekend.

The wind and weather was great though a bit warm on Sunday there was nice steady light breezes just made for long board racing.   Four races were ran Saturday before lunch and three afterwards.  Sunday morning the breeze was even better and four more races got in between ten and noon.   Wow 11 races, we were spent as the wind came up a bit tempting some to do a few more runs.  Start man Mark Ulicki kept things rolling with a five minute next start from the last finisher.    Hosts and cooks Carl and Laurie Rappaport with Allyson Bigelow kept the food coming with lunch, Saturday evening cookout, Sunday morning breakfast and another lunch after Sundays racing.    Scott Haas tallied up the scores and an quick awards and wrap up  meeting happened about 1 concluding a successful event.

Dominating once again were Mark Drotleff from Columbus Ohio racing an Mistral Equipe II with Aerotech VMG 7.5.   Behind and sometimes ahead of him was Gordon Bittle also from Columbus riding an original Mistral Superlight with his Mistral Prodigy one design 8.5 sail.   Eric Rahnenfuehere placing third in several races was riding his Bic Bomba modified with two large foils on the bottom.  The remaining competitors were often finishing close together making for some excitement at the finish line.   Coming farthest to attend this year was Tom Stokes from Michigan City Indiana.


So I haven’t mentioned the non-racing crowd which once again outnumbered the racers.   There was at least 20 some other people there doing some windsurfing on Saturday.   With kids and spouses and dogs it was a great crowd.  Sunday afternoon after the races a group of a dozen teens showed up for the learn how clinic the Cleveland gang there does.  They keep a flotilla of wide leaner boards and shorts sails there in a trailer.




Toledo Streak now at 25

The 1st weekend after the Memorial day holiday was always the Toledo race and though that ended in 2009 after 20 years we have kept the windsurfing race streak going.    Windsurf racing occurred once again in Toledo May 31, 2014 with a  windsurf division start in the Jolly Roger Sailing Club Cattail Regatta held on Maumee Bay.

Catail Result 2014

Catail Result 2014

The weather was sunny with water warm.  Winds were a great onshore east direction in the 7 to 12 category.   Windsurfers launched at Lost Peninsular Marina.  Three races on a big I shaped course were ran.  The first race was two laps and the last two just one lap.   The big Catalina 22’s on the course gave us some moving objects to pilot around.   Six Prodigy racers showed up so the competition was tight.      While the start line was to the left of the RC boat a separate finish line on the right side was used.   That helped greatly to keep the fleets starting quickly.  Yes there was some close interaction a few times with people finishing during a start but the number of boats in starts was fairly small so it really wasn’t much of a problem.    The event was a two day affair but the windsurfers elected just to sail Saturday.  A keg, awards and spaghetti dinner were served up about 5 at the club house.     We thank everyone that attended and the JRSC for hosting the event and giving us a start and the Lost Peninsular Marina for providing us a lakefront launch beach.

Winner Glendon Gartner

Winner Glendon Gardner


The Alum Creek campgatta is  June 7-8,  a few people should be around the campfire on Friday evening.   Hope a few non-racers join us again this year for some fun sailing on Saturday afternoon.

Scott #H


Reservoir Rendezvous Results 2013

It is always nice to be welcomed and recognized!   Many thanks to the New London Reservoir Campground and Recreation division for providing a great windsurfing venue and furnishing windsurfing trophies again!


We had awesome Friday pre-event fun sailing with 6.5 short board conditions that brought out several locals and enticed several racers to show up a day early.  It blew all day long, even after dark and most were half spent before the racing was to begin on Saturday.     Late Friday evening people gathered round a camp fire watching a huge lightning show far off in the distance over Lake Erie.   That huge front hit camp about 3am  in the morning with wind and rain until near eleven Saturday morning.  Unfortunately that weather kept several regular attenders at home.    Still we had ten survivors that registered plus several non-competitors, along with spouses and a dozen or more kids and four dogs for a nice sized group.    Racing got going about 12:30 Sat in 5 to 10 mph breezes in partly sunny skies.  Many thanks to Carl Rappaport who organized food for Saturday lunch and an evening group barbeque and Sunday breakfast.


The course laid out by Eric Rahenfueher  this year took advantage of near every square foot of water on the 220 acre reservoir.    The upwind mark was the mysterious Research buoy followed by 4 jibe marks and a final leeward mark and tack to a short finish gate right in front of the beach.   Spectators watched the action  from the new gazebo located at the end of windsurf pointe seen in the picture below.    There were lots of close finishes which made it fun for beach spectators to cheer on their favorite windsurfer to victory.


Also new this year were two water front large primitive cabins and two camp sites with electric on the water on the west side of windsurf pointe.    The improvements make the New London Reservoir  a very affordable family windsurf vacation destination for Ohio area windsurfers.



Four long races were ran on Saturday.  Sunday morning the wind was very light with long lulls and the race committee called racing officially over about 12:30.  Some very nice windsurfing trophies were awarded.

Results     for 2013        Overall . pdf        Class . pdf

Reporting:   Scott #H


Alum Creek 2013

The Columbus Ohio Alum Creek gathering was great this year with 10 sails on the water.  This first campground based gathering was successful and plans are to do it better next year.  We did find the next circle over (row K) has much better launch area and plans are to camp there in 2014.  The camp ground boat launch worked well also.   Boat traffic in the course area was very minimal .. way far less than down by the marina and beach area.  FOUR original Mistral Superlights showed up and Gordon Bittle from Columbus using a Superlight with a 8.5 Prodigy One design sail took 1st place honors.   Eric Rahnenfueher from Cleveland using his hydrofoil monster board took second and Scott Haas from Toledo took home 3rd using a Superlight the first 3 races switching to his Prodigy for the last four races.  Scott used his Ezzy Lion 8.5 sail.

Results and more details can be found at   https://mowind.org/wp/?page_id=24