MOWIND is a recognized local club of US Windsurfing. We run a series of US Windsurfing events throughout the midwest and provide a standardized set of rules and scoring methods.  Our events are scored both individually and combined as a season total. An annual meeting is usually held in the winter to review the previous season and determine course for the upcoming season.

Primary Contact: Arden Anderson – MOWIND President – arden.EL11@gmail.com

Event calendar: https://mowind.org/calendar/calendar.pdf

2012 officers and cabinet members include:

  • President:  Arden Anderson
  • VP/Secretary: na
  • Treasurer: Craig Bergh
  • Series Scorer:  Del Carpenter and Steve Callaway

Commitees include:

  • Insurance: Craig Bergh, Mike Fox, Kevin Gratton, Arnie Cleveland
  • Calendar: Arnie Cleveland
  • Awards: Kevin Gratton
  • Sponsorships/Raffle: ?
  • Yahoo Forum and Web site admins: Arden Anderson , Scott Haas

Help is always needed and appreciated and if not this season let us know if you are interested in helping out next season. Just contact one of the names above to express your interest.

Each year several of the region’s races are deemed MOWIND points races. Awards are given at the year end September banquet held in Fond Du Lac, WI during the Windpower Championships. This is also the first points race event of the next season.

MOWIND purchases event insurance each year to cover MOWIND events. Purchasing regatta insurance to hold one event is costly and in the past that expense discouraged people who would like to organize a new event. For a minimal fee a qualified Midwest organizer can run their event as a MOWIND event and save on insurance costs.