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Mowind Meeting and other updates

Minutes from the recent group meeting are online at:
Thanks to everyone that called in. We have some follow-up work to do, especially to determine our insurance for the coming season. We have a great schedule of events in place for the coming year.
Series Scores for 2011 and previous years are online at:


Winter Meeting Announcement

The annual MOWIND  meeting will be held Tuesday, February 7 at 8:00 PM Central Time. The format will be a telephone call-in. I will provide the number and conference code details once they are available (I need to login to the telecom service to initiate/reserve a session). All MOWIND participants are welcome to attend and voice their opinion.

Here is a tentative agenda:
1. Review officer list
a — Motion for Arden Anderson to assume President from Phil Sage
b — Motion for Del Carpenter to assume Scoring from Arden Anderson 

2. Officer Reports
a — Craig Bergh: Treasury and Mid West Speed Quest 2011 results, Insurance current status (*brief*, more later)
b — Arden Anderson: US Windsurfing and 2011 MOWIND Race Series wrap up
c — Scott Haas/Arden Anderson: Web Site Status
d — Arnie Cleveland: Calendar

3. Insurance
a — Current situation
b — lessons?
c — SUP?
d — Kiting?
e — Other

4. Race Director Question and Answer

5. Discussion on classes
a — Kona update from Mike Fox, Steve Callaway, et al
b — Hybrid update/input from any interested parties
c — Input on other classes
d — Alignment with US Windsurfing NRT
e — Finalize MOWIND classes for 2012

6. All other discussions
A couple of ideas to touch on:
a — Kona North Americans in Midwest
b — Bic O’pen Nationals in Oshkosh
c — Polling former/less active racers to see if there are suggestions on how to draw them back (more or fewer regattas, one day events, weeknight events, different locations?)
d — Ideas/feedback from shop owners or more active discussion boards such as lakawa or iwindsurf
e — Engaging the sailing/crossover SUP community. Invite them to MOWIND events. Get the
Feel free to start discussing these items on the Yahoo Message Board < http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/mowind/ > or email me with comments arden.EL11@gmail.com

Pictures from 2011 Windpower Championships

I finally got some pictures from the 2011 Windpower Championships on Picasa. Will get a regatta report and some other end-of-year items posted shortly.

2011 Windpower Championship


Here are some more files that I have been meaning to get online since September. Apologies for the delay. Hopefully I can get some writeups on the fall regattas posted in the next few weeks. If anyone would like to contribute regattas reports or other stories, feel free to post, or email me at arden.EL11@gmail.com and I can get it on the site for you.

2011 Windpower Championships Scores:  A-Fleet  :  KONA  :  SPORT  :  O’Pen Bic

Final scores for the 2011 MOWIND Series are now on the SCORES page as well.

Have a great Holiday Season. Winter sailing should be coming soon and we’ll also have our winter meeting in the next few months.

Arden, EL-11

August 2011 Updates

This post contains scores from the Moose Regatta, Menominee Festival, and the Tour da Croix, as well as some updates on upcoming events.


Moose Regatta Scores: A Fleet SPORT Fleet


Menominee Festival

August 6th and 7th saw the passing of yet another fun weekend on the shores of Lake Michigan in the city of Marinette/Menominee.  Racers and their families trickled in on Friday night and Saturday morning to set up camp right on the beach.  Leisure sailing and activities took place in the morning and afternoon as racers waited for the wind to fill in, and then competed in light to medium winds on an M-course.  For dinner, pizza and drinks on the beach provided a congregating spot for everyone to talk about the events of the day and catch up with each other.  It was uncertain whether the usual expected fireworks on Saturday night would occur due to rain, but it let up and the fireworks lived up to their standard of putting on a good show.

Sunday was dominated by less pleasant weather but gave more challenging conditions to the racers.  Winds were stronger and out of the northeast, giving a bigger swell to the waves and making the jibe marks interesting.  All in all, there were two good days of racing, plenty of time to socialize, and fun was had by all.

Reporting by Blaise Gratton

Scores: A Fleet SPORT Fleet


Tour da Croix Scores: Overall Score

Tour da Croix Photo Album on Picasa:

2011 Tour da Croix



September 16-18:  Mille Lacs Challenge / Great Lakes Kona Cup. Garrison, MN. Contact Michael Fox at 612-508-8083 or fleet-8@juno.com

September 23-25:  Windpower Championships (24-25th), preceded by Lake Winnebago Super Cross (23rd). Both in Fond du Lac, WI. Contact Windpower at 920-922-2550 or keving@windpowerwindsurfing.com  The awards banquet for the 2011 Race Series will be on Saturday night at this event. The Windpower Championships also marks the start of the 2012 MOWIND Race Series.

October 8-9:  Columbus Day Regatta. Lake MacBride Solon, IA. Contact Steve Callaway at 319-624-4011 or coach07@gmail.com

Also, the Midwest Speed Quest continues through October 15, 2011. Worthington, MN. Contact Craig Bergh at 507-360-4801 or cbergh@iw.net


Tour da Croix and Kona

A quick update on the Tour da Croix this weekend:

I have communicated with Mike Fox about getting the Kona charter fleet to the event. He has indicated that Kona charters will be at the Tour da Croix. I plan on sailing one and encourage as many people to join me as possible. The Tour da Croix is an ideal event to try a Kona for the first time since the boards will be there, and it is a one-day/one-race event.

Here is a link to the event page and registration/schedule information.


Adam Anderson