2017 Windpower Championships

The 2017 Windpower Championships were blessed with warm weather (well, almost too warm at 90+ degrees) and near perfect raceboard conditions. Saturday had 6 races in 5-10+ mph wind, and Sunday had 4 more races in 5-15 mph wind. The conditions were good enough that Alex Monroe (US292) made it around the course in three of the races on a hydrofoil.

Thank you to all of the race organizers and to Windpower Surf Shop for hosting.

Saturday evening the whole crew got together at the Sunset On the Water Bar & Grill for dinner and the 2017 Mowind Race Series awards. This marked the end of the 2017 Race Series and the beginning of the 2018 Race Series. Let’s enjoy the fall winds, winter sailing (some on ice/snow, maybe some nice vacations to warmer climates), and then planning to do it again next year!

RESULTS:  A Fleet  |  Kona & Sport Fleet

Here are some of the facebook posts from the weekend. I hope the embedded links work, and that nobody minds sharing the content. Contact me arden.EL11@gmail.com if there are any issues or concerns.