Event Planning and Preparation

So you have decided to run a regatta for windsurfers – That is just GREAT!

Contained on this page you will find most of the required information you will either need up front or have to scramble to find during your event. We think if you carefully prepare and cover the basics by incorporating these concepts into your event planning and ultimate execution, your event will “sail” along smoothly, and everyone will have a safe and fun experience.

SAFETY at your event is of extreme importance as this is the best way to ensure your event “sails” along and is an enjoyable experience, as well as negate the probable reasons why your event insurance would get tested.


MOWIND event race directors have provided a series of safety tips and event checklists that work to ensure you don’t forget anything.

NOTICE OF RACE or the NOR is a brochure like announcement of your event.   Consider creating a two-sided tri-fold document with a mailing address area.  Most Word processors have a tri-fold template to facilitate creating  tri-fold brochures.    Your NOR  should be mailed to previous competitors, posted on Web sites, distributed to shops in the region and to the general public in your area.

The to be supplied … NOR template is a MS WORD document that is just that.  With a few edits you can create an effective Notice of Race for your event that we can also link to the MOWIND site to help advertise your event. Feel free to do the minimum amount of edits [and produce an effective NOR] or have at it to add images, and maps to dinner, camp sites, and any other information that would logically help a racer make your event a destination.

USCG permit is required for the Great Lakes and navigable waters.  The United States Coast Guard permit  must be filed several months in advance if you are not on an inland body of water. Below is a link for the most current document we have and by using the various documents and files we supply, you should be well on your way to obtaining the requisite approvals needed for your event.

http://www.uscg.mil/d1/Units/seclis/marineevent/marineevent.html contains useful information and a decision tree to see if you need to file an application for your event.

Here is the most recent application we have seen    USCG Marine Event Application

RACE RULES TEMPLATE is just that – a template with many of the most common and few of the more obscure rules of sailing you should need to get your event off and running smoothly. The template is generically geared towards long board racing, so if you are doing something different, well, that is why its called a template. Simply edit to insert your event names and dates, and send us a link to your server or send us the document and we’ll work to place it in your events home page.

MARKS are what we most often turn the race around. They are somewhat expensive and it is suggested you try to borrow them from another event if you can orchestrate someone to borrow from, and get them to and from your event. If you want to buy marks for your event MOWIND recommends BEMA marks which can be found on the Internet at http://www.splashinternational.biz/bema.html

OR ETP Engineered Textile Products Inc. have marks, flags and even starting gun cannons.

Mark size is an important cost benefit decision. 3 foot tall marks are way easier to find on a rough choppy course at a distance of over 1/2 mile than smaller marks, however, smaller marks are often just fine for inland races, where the wave action is reduced.

START SEQUENCE and FLAGS are well defined in the MOWIND events. You can use ANY sequence you choose, however, the attached MOWIND Start Sequence for each fleet, as well as a flyer for you race bulletin board, and NOR are down-loadable just below.

FLAGS are how we control the start sequence on water. MOWIND has a FULL SET to load you event, which is identical to the set used at the US Nationals this past summer 2008 in Worthington Minnesota.


To borrow the flags, contact Jeff Hegxxx in Worthington to arrange transport, hopefully by a sailor to your event, and to determine if they need to be forwarded to the next event they are being loaned to, or returned to Jeff.



CHECKLISTS for PLANNING and the Race Committee Boat Skipper are just what the doctor ordered for your planning meeting. They are generic enough to cover a wide range of possibilities, and would seem to be an invaluable aid for your planning meeting and Race Committee Skippers preparations, before your event kicks off.

There is much information on the Racing Administration area of US Sailing including a wavier template form in Word format. Go here and research http://www.ussailing.org/raceadmin/

RACE SCORING is your choice of paper, several software programs or the use of the MOWIND excel sheet system Jack Wiley F! developed. Whatever you choose you NEED to practice entering and using the software before the event starts!

MOWIND uses the high point scoring system which is different from the low points system sailing events traditionally use.  MOWIND uses the high points system because it allows a season series scoring to work.

The MOWIND Race Scoring Template is here: mowind-2009-scoring-v2  and is a MS EXCEL document with instructions on use on the first tab.

The SailWave scoring program has many features including the ability to switch scoring methods.


Both require a laptop, and a power source, extension cord on land or an inverter from your vehicle.

In the end MOWIND needs your scoring sent to the MOWIND scorer.  Your printed copy needs to be sorted by FLEET using the high point scoring method.   This enables the scores to be added to the overall MOWIND series standings which ranks by using a high point scoring.