Raffle Help

THIS IS A NEW PAGE as of March 15, 2010 -   IN DRAFT MODE   .. 

The information on this page is for MOWIND volunteers that sell MOWIND raffle tickets at events.      Raffle sales are important as they are the main income source for MOWIND.  Raffle funds help keep insurance costs low as well as help purchase yearly awards for the MOWIND points series winners.   

The raffle prize drawings occur at the Fall Wind Power event in Fond Du Lac during the Mowind Awards banquet.      Prizes are usually in the form of windsurfing gear which in the past has included GPS systems and sails worth hundreds of dollars.

New as of year 2010 is a MOWIND RAFFLE (pdf) flyer.     Each flyer contains 12 tickets and raffle details.    Tickets are $1 each or six for $5.   

Pre-Event Instructions:

  • Please check in advance with the host organizer of your desire to sell MOWIND Raffle tickets at the event.  Ask to speak at the morning skipper’s meeting.
  • Find at least one assistant to help you. 
  • Print about the same number of copies of the raffle flyer as entries expected in the regatta. 
  • Do not separate tickets in advance from the flyer.  From experience we can tell you it is far easier to not have to manage small pieces of paper in the wind!   Plus many more people are likely to take you up on the 6 for $5 offer when presented the choice. 
  • Bring a couple big Zip Loc type bags to store Raffle Fliers in as well as a supply of several ink pens and small bills ($1s and $5s) for change.

Event Instructions:

  • Introduce yourself and your assistant and give a brief announcement about the raffle tickets at  each morning’s skippers meeting .  Be sure to mention when you and your assistant will be around (lunch break, party, before awards) with tickets.  
  • Hand offer a flyer to each person along with a  sales pitch line like:    Are you interested in becoming a MOWIND friend?    Plan to spend time and engage the person whether they are interested or not.  A little friendly conversation might just persuade them next time to say yes.   Pick your time to engage,  for example if a person is rigging a sail that’s not a good time but if they are relaxing having a drink of water then that is a good time. 

Post-Event Instructions:

  • Tally up the cash and write a personal check payable to MOWIND.
  • Please cut apart tickets on the dotted lines.
  • Send tickets and check to the MOWIND treasurer whose address is:

c/o Craig Bergh
133 Lake Avenue
Worthington, MN 56187