Calendar / Events List / Classes

Spring through fall there is a race event going on near every weekend. Spectators are welcome and usually racing starts around 11 Saturday morning. Please see the MOWIND RACING CALENDAR  for the schedule. The MOWIND calendar is usually the most up to date source for event date and contact information.   There is also an event menu in the right column of this page to event pages on this Web site.

Windsurfers rig up at Toledo regatta

An event’s NOR (Notice of Race) document usually contains an advanced registration form, date and time information, driving directions along with a list of places to stay. Each organization creates it’s own notice of race. Notices sometimes can be found in the MOWIND Yahoo Group Files section in the NOR folder or on a Web site ran by the organizer. If you can not find an NOR check the calendar for an email address or phone number. Usually it is best to contact an organizer about four or five weeks in advance as often there is a discount for sending in your registration early.

Racing occurs in three experience levels at most events;

  1. A Fleet -  [Experienced Racers]
  2. Sport Fleet – [Up and coming racers and those out to simply have more fun]
  3. Workshop – [Beginners who receive start line assistance and mentoring on racing]

No matter which fleet you might consider, nearly each weekend there is a great windsurfing event in the Midwest to enjoy, meet other windsurfers and sail sail sail.   We have ten classes in three fleets to give all levels of windsurfers the opportunity to compete. Our season begins and ends in September. The season points totals are the top 5 scores for each racer. Trophies are given out in September at the Windpower Champs Race Supper.

Mowind Classes

A Fleet
Advanced, Usually completes two laps
Sport Fleet
Intermediate, Completes one lap
Workshop Fleet
Beginner, One lap with separate start
  • Open Unlimited
  • Limited 8.5
  • Women
  • Kona One

Formula, Hybrid, etc.  sail in Open or 8.5.


  • Men
  • Women
  • Senior
  • Junior
  •  Workshop

Please note when class numbers and mix are sufficient it is the digression of the local race director to further subdivide a class into competitor sex, age and or weight categories.  The above list is the recommended class list for mid-west events.   To help promote attendance and provide similarities across all regional events MOWIND suggests organizers follow this structure.

  • When a sufficient number of  a particular class of sailors shows up (examples are Formula, Prodigy, IMCO,  Original )  organizers should be prepared to accommodate them.
  • In order to maximize the number of races per day it is best to  limit starts per race to three or less when possible.  Courses must be of adequate size so racers in previous starts are not finishing before the last start occurs.    Recommended start sequence is  KONA,  A-Fleet and Sport.