Reporters Wanted

Where are the Clark Kents of windsurfing?   To make MOWIND News work really sweet we need volunteer reporters from the different midwest states.   

Article topics can include but are not limited to upcoming events, event results, event experiences, event parties, local club racing and attractions to visit before and after an event.    

Audio and video interviews with individuals, shop owners or a race organizer is easily posted by loading your video on YouTube and then linking to it when you post your story on MOWIND News.

The Road to Becoming a Reporter 

Step 1 -  Register on this Blog using the link located towards the far bottom right of this page.  
Step 2 -  Send your introduction through the MOWIND Contact form. 
Step 3 – Go out and get your first story.
Step 4 – Login and assuming by then you have Author permissions add your story.  You will find the Web based Wordpress software easy to use.  File your article in the correct state  sub-category under MOWIND news.

Microsoft Live Writer

Live Writer  is a Windows based program that enables you to edit posts and pages on a WordPress blog as well as on several other blogging programs.   This program is especially great for notebook users who are not always online.   You can write and edit your blog post at the beach then upload later when you get home that evening!  When setting it up enter the URL for the site as  and Live Writer will figure out the rest.    

Tips on Getting the Story

Get the who, when and where right.  Check the correct spelling of names and if Ms. or Mrs.   If person you are photographing or interviewing is under 18 ask permission first from parent or guardian.

For audio and video interviews prepare a couple note cards with lead in lines and your questions.

Sample Card:
Hello this is Clark Kent reporting here from the 2008 Toledo wind fest held at Maumee Bay State Park on Lake Erie.   Jim Windsurfer from Madison Wisconsin is in second place in the Prodigy Class.    Jim  “What is the competition like out on the course”.  

  Keep it Short and on Topic

Please only one image per article.  If everyone puts in several photos per article the home news page will take forever to load.  Keep images smallish,  sized 320×240 maximum.     Blog facts, no dream articles please.  Two or three paragraphs of text is all that is needed if you Stick to one main TOPIC.   Your Topic should be your article title.

Sample Article Title:
Competiton in Prodigy Class heats up!

YouTube Video

To insert your YouTube video simply insert your YouTube video ID in tags like this and center.

YouTube tags example.