Help for Racers

This page contains information that all levels of competitors may find useful. 

Welcome fellow windsurfer. 

Even if you are new to the sport of windsurfing you can join us in the excitement of competition racing.  Most events have Novice and Sport divisions that race on a shorter course.   So if you are windsurfing now and think you are too old, too young or just not good enough to get out on the course you are wrong.   Futhermore please know a windsurfing regatta is not all about racing, it’s also about having fun and meeting new people.  We hope to see you out on the course soon!   -  The MOWIND Crew


Help on the Racing Rules of Sailing

This 16 minute video slideshow will give you a quick lesson on what you need to know  about the Racing Rules of Sailing and where you can find out even more about them.    This is near a 20M  Windows Media Player file so please right click on the link and save to your PC.   My Top Points Windsurfers Should Know about the Racing Rules of Sailing 


Sail Numbers

When registering for an event you will be asked for a sail number.   People who join and keep their membership current at US Windsurfing can request a unique sail number from US Windsurfing.   Please know that belonging to US Windsurfing is not a requirement unless it happens to be the US Nationals race.   So if you don’t have your own registered US Windsurfing number you need to chose one.   People often use a first and or last initial followed by a number.  John Smith for example might pick “JS8”.   Numbers should be black in color around 12″ high and placed on the starboard side of the sail so the committee boat can see it when you start and finish.   A husband and wife or father and son can use the same number if sharing a set of sails but one of them needs to fly a colored streamer from the top of the sail.  The second person would be entered as “JS8R” (red streamer).  Please bring your own streamer fabric and a way to tie it on securely!


Looking for Aspiring Teenage Windsurfers

Are you or do you know an aspiring teenage windsurfer?  A person doesn’t get to the Olympic or professional windsurfing level by playing video games.  You need the training camps and coaching organized by Team USA to get you on track.