Reservoir Rendezvous

The New London Ohio Reservoir Rendezvous went off without a hitch again this year.  The city supplied trophies .. the campground sold T-shirts they printed up for the event ..   there was no entry fee ..  a food ticket for lunch, supper, breakfast was $20 .. the weather and winds cooperated nicely.     A great crowd of about 60 people attended plus several dogs.      Robby cooked yummy  fried calamari until midnight on Friday and again as an appetizer on Saturday evening.      Below .. on the right .. chef Carl inspects the meat.

The park has a new public grill !


Thanks to Mark Ulicki for overseeing the skipper meetings, running the start sequence and results scoring duties.   Eric Rahnenfueher set course buoys utilizing the water space.     Three rival Ohio groups (BONCs -  Boardheads of North Coast from the Cleveland area), COWS (Columbus Organization of Windsurfers)  and TABAs (Toledo Area Boardsailing Association) battled on the course.     Six races were ran in 5 to 10 mph winds on Saturday and four more extra long races on Sunday morning.   The awards were given out and most people were on their way home by 2:30 ish.  Below some of the group taking in nourishment with part of camp windsurf in the background.

Camp Windsurf

It was great to again see lots of kids on the water learning to windsurf.        Friday afternoon things really went off and several of us tuned up on a strong easterly wind that even brought out the shortboards.   We believe  the surrounding corn fields must supercharge the air!      After the awards ceremony on Sunday about a dozen people were still on the water powered up by some nuclear level west winds as a westerly heat front blew in with gale force.     The elevated New London Reservoir is maybe Ohio’s best kept windsurfing secret spot ..  it seems to produce wind even when none is forecasted.    Hope to see you there in July 2013!

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