Alum Creek Columbus, OH

The Alum Creek waters on May 21, 2011 saw warm sunny skies.   The light to ultra-light wind conditions made for some delicate sail trimming to find speed.    The first race I believe I counted ten sails on the water.   Organizer Paul Sandstrom manged to get five races in.  With the sun shining strong on white skin most of us were a bit toasted by the end of the afternoon.    A few other guys elected to remain on shore and wait for better winds with their smaller un-long boards.   Official fleet results 

Fleet Score
1st Brad Petot 818                56pts  LB
2nd Mark Drotleff  88             52pts  LB
3rd Paul Sandstrom 158        49pts  LB
4th Scott Haas  H                 47pts RB
5th Saul Muliolis                   42pts Sport
6th Gorddon Bittle                 37pts RB
7th Eric Rahnenfuehrer  136   32pts LB
8th Joe Centa                       14pts Sport
9th Joel Sminchak  US418      4pts Sport
10th Jerry Ciula                      3pts LB
11th Brant Fredrickson            2pts LB

Some racers head in for lunch break.

Brad Petot from the Cleveland area on a Equipe and Gaastra 9.0 took first place.  He was hitting the start line on time and finding speed in those light winds others could not. 

Brad dancing with his sail.

Second place from Columbus area was Mark Drotleff.    Marked sailed and pumped his KONA using his Aerotech VMG 7.5.   I was surprised how well the KONA got around the course.    Mark is good however at making any board go fast.    One other KONA board was there also.   

Gordon Bittle sailing his new Prodigy finished all the races.

Third place went to IMCO sailor Paul Sandstrom from Columbus OH area.  Paul’s lightweight frame let’s that old board and 7.4 IMCO sail climb upwind fast.

This windsurfer smiles for the camera while Paul takes a break on his IMCO.

Scott Haas from Toledo OH area sailing a Prodigy with an Ezzy Infinity 9.5 finish in forth place.      With five races in the group decided to make this a one day event as   wind conditions for early Sunday morning were not looking  promising.   Some of the group went to a local establishment named Piranhas for eats and drinks afterwards.