Winter Meeting Announcement

The annual MOWIND  meeting will be held Tuesday, February 7 at 8:00 PM Central Time. The format will be a telephone call-in. I will provide the number and conference code details once they are available (I need to login to the telecom service to initiate/reserve a session). All MOWIND participants are welcome to attend and voice their opinion.

Here is a tentative agenda:
1. Review officer list
a — Motion for Arden Anderson to assume President from Phil Sage
b — Motion for Del Carpenter to assume Scoring from Arden Anderson 

2. Officer Reports
a — Craig Bergh: Treasury and Mid West Speed Quest 2011 results, Insurance current status (*brief*, more later)
b — Arden Anderson: US Windsurfing and 2011 MOWIND Race Series wrap up
c — Scott Haas/Arden Anderson: Web Site Status
d — Arnie Cleveland: Calendar

3. Insurance
a — Current situation
b — lessons?
c — SUP?
d — Kiting?
e — Other

4. Race Director Question and Answer

5. Discussion on classes
a — Kona update from Mike Fox, Steve Callaway, et al
b — Hybrid update/input from any interested parties
c — Input on other classes
d — Alignment with US Windsurfing NRT
e — Finalize MOWIND classes for 2012

6. All other discussions
A couple of ideas to touch on:
a — Kona North Americans in Midwest
b — Bic O’pen Nationals in Oshkosh
c — Polling former/less active racers to see if there are suggestions on how to draw them back (more or fewer regattas, one day events, weeknight events, different locations?)
d — Ideas/feedback from shop owners or more active discussion boards such as lakawa or iwindsurf
e — Engaging the sailing/crossover SUP community. Invite them to MOWIND events. Get the
Feel free to start discussing these items on the Yahoo Message Board < > or email me with comments