Get ready for the 2019 Race Season

May is here and Mowind Racing will start soon. The first event is May 18-19 at the Walleye Regatta in Fond du Lac, WI. See you there.

The full schedule is available at

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2018 Walleye Regatta Results

Spring is finally here and it’s time for Mowind Racing! We had another great Walleye Regatta this weekend. Thanks to Kevin, Andy, Ben, and the whole crew at Windpower for setting up everything for the races. And special thanks to spectacular volunteers “Low Boom” Larry Reed and Mary Deuster on Race Committee and with anything else that needed to get done.


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2018 Dam Jam is Cancelled

From Larry Reed:

Really hate to have to do this, But the 2018 Saylorville Dam Jam has been Cancelled. The Corp’s called me this morning and said the Lake is over 30 feet over normal, and there is a lot of debris floating on the Water, safety was there main Concern.


We’ll hope for better luck next year!

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2017 Windpower Championships

The 2017 Windpower Championships were blessed with warm weather (well, almost too warm at 90+ degrees) and near perfect raceboard conditions. Saturday had 6 races in 5-10+ mph wind, and Sunday had 4 more races in 5-15 mph wind. The conditions were good enough that Alex Monroe (US292) made it around the course in three of the races on a hydrofoil.

Thank you to all of the race organizers and to Windpower Surf Shop for hosting.

Saturday evening the whole crew got together at the Sunset On the Water Bar & Grill for dinner and the 2017 Mowind Race Series awards. This marked the end of the 2017 Race Series and the beginning of the 2018 Race Series. Let’s enjoy the fall winds, winter sailing (some on ice/snow, maybe some nice vacations to warmer climates), and then planning to do it again next year!

RESULTS:  A Fleet  |  Kona & Sport Fleet

Here are some of the facebook posts from the weekend. I hope the embedded links work, and that nobody minds sharing the content. Contact me if there are any issues or concerns.


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2017 MOWIND Race Series Awards

The 2017 Mowind Race Series award banquet was held last Saturday evening during the Windpower Championships. Etched mugs and wine glasses were presented to the top performers in each division. Also, a Locosys GW-60 gps watch was raffled off and Randy Howell was the lucky winner. This raffle raised $392 for Mowind! Many thanks to all of the people that bought tickets throughout the season, and especially to Craig Bergh for donating the watch. Another special thanks goes out to Tom Stokes for donating $500 to Mowind earlier this summer. Finally, thank you to all the racers and organizers that helped make the 2017 Race Series a success. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

Here are the results of the 2017 Race Series:  A Fleet  |  Kona & Sport Fleets

Congrats to the 2017 Mowind Winner’s Circle!

2017 Winner’s Circle

A Fleet Unlimited Division
1.  Arden Anderson
2.  Peter Hartwich
3.  Adam Anderson
4.  Andy Gratton
5.  Niles Book

A Fleet Limited Division
1.  David Hill
2.  Gordon Bittle
3.  Mark Drotleff

A Fleet Women
1.  Kathy Leifer


1.  Delburn Carpenter
2.  Tom Stokes
3.  Randy Howell

Sport Fleet Men
1.  Mark Schmitz
2.  Victor Hora
3.  Ron Mitton

Sport Fleet Women
1.  Mary Deuster

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