More racing after lunch

The wind subsided during the break, but then came back enough to race some more around 4:00pm. A Figure 8 course was set near shore and some tight racing was seen around every mark. It was also great to see Kevin Gratton out on the race course again! He was up to his old tricks now that his shoulder is recovered.

Adam Anderson and Tim Cleary traded first place finishes in the three Figure8 races, and Mic Igoe made a strong showing to finish the day tied with Don Altmyer for 2nd place. In the Sport Fleet, the Maksenieks (Dad Marts and Son Gatis) are in first and second place after top finishes in the Figure8’s. Tom Stokes is tied with Gatis for third in Sport Fleet.

Here’s a quick shoutout to Steve-V2 watching us from Spain(!). Wish you could be here with us.

Start of a Figure8 race


More chaos...

The Makstenieks leading the Sport Fleet to the finish