May and June 2015 Racing Updates

Results are in for Walleye Wagatta (Fond du Lac, WI), Dam Jam (Saylorville, IA), and the Worthington Windsurfing Festival (Worthington, MN).

Walleye Wagatta

Results (A Fleet and Sport)  |  Photo Gallery (courtesy Dan Seaborn)

Dam Jam

A Fleet  |  Kona  |  Sport

Dam Jam had great wind on Sunday so slalom racing was held. Kona racers had the option of jumping into A Fleet for slalom on whatever gear they wanted. So, only Saturday course racing counted for Kona. A Fleet scores are a combo of Saturday course racing plus Sunday slalom racing.


A Fleet  |  Kona  |  Sport  |  Juniors


Additional updates are also on our Facebook page, including some info about the Grosse Point.

Remember that the Door County Breeze (Door County, WI) and Waconia Wind & Wave events are taking place this weekend. Refer to the calendar for details.