2009 Season is Here and the MOWIND crew is hard at work

This past Sunday your MOWIND Board of Directors and Race Directors met via teleconference from locations throughout the Midwest and Sweden (Ulf is in Sweden) to discuss the 2009 season.


Jack Wiley F1 announced his plans to relocate to the West Coast mid spring, ending his tenure as an excellent MOWIND president. Jack nominated Phil Sage US 287 from Ohio to replace him as President and Phil was appointed by a tele-vote.


Jack announced he will try to make at least one MOWIND event in 2009 – the US National at Hood River Oregon, which by the way is soon to be a mere 4 hour drive for Jack. I am sure Jack will take time to enjoy the gorge from time to time, being so close.


Please take time to thank Jack for all of his excellent work as MOWIND president and wish him the very best in future endeavours. I for one will miss racing against such a talented sailor and gentleman.


2009 Officers include:

Philip Sage – President

Ulf Jentler – VP by default as Ulf is in Sweden and we did not replace him, so Ulf – tag your it!

Craig Berg – Insurance and Treasurer

Kevin Gratton – Awards and Raffle

Arnie Cleveland – Schedule and will assit Kevin

Brad WoodWorth (Woody) –  Scoring

Scott Haas – Website


Members present: Ulf from Sweden, Jack, Larry, Arnie, Woody, Craig, Micheal Fox, Jeff Hegwezter, Kevin and Don Altmier, Dave Chapman, Scott Haas, and a few others I did not capture. 

Events Discussed and Dates Confirmed:

Kona Worlds in Sweden in July

JUNE 20th Grosse Point MI

18-20 Sept Fond Du Lac WI


Arnie Cleveland is finalizing the 2009 calendar and Scott Haas has provided a script for Arnie to load and update th calendar, so very shortly it will be available on the MOWIND site.


A long discussion on Insurance and waiver use occured, netting a need due to increased policy costs for 2009 to increase teh individual dues, per event.

Insurance coss went up $80 per race. Dues have been invoiced and it is requested that they be paid as promptlly as possible as the mowind treasury is low and cannot froM the money for the policy this year, as we have done in the past.


Insurance covers racing and mowind in the us and does not cover kiting and lessons at events.


A Snag with Moose Regatta was discussed and overcome – we all Want to include the Moose regatta as it is a first class event – This event will be covered by Windsurfing canada insurance and waivers pertinent to the laws of canada.

Woody has offered to modify the event waiver to cover mowind 


it will be a Windsurf Canada event and a MOWIND point event – but not a MOWIND sanctioned event, but will remain on the mowind calendar as one of our favorite events.


waivers it was decided have no down side, and our current registration form has a waiver section, so we will likely replace this waiver section with improved waiver language, knowing that a waiver is not absolute, and the safe practices each RD utilize at MOWIND events drive the need for a waiver to zero.


The midwest speed quest was discussed as a possible points event and it was decided that we are not against the concept, but need to formulate a points proposal that is fair in the larger picture of MOWIND EVENTS, yet still entices folks to try speed sailing at craig’s event which is different from most in that most events, many converge for one weekend, whereas the speed quest is typicvally a few sailors competing via GPS across many weekends.


The raffle is in the process of getting back on track – and Kevin Gratton is leading the raffle committee, with a desire to sell tickets at all mowind events.

The importance of the raffle is it does fund year end trophies, and floats the boat finacially during the spring insurance payment.


I am excited as there is a lot of cool stuff in the basket, and talk of more items possibly being added.


Please revisit the raffle page!