Cattail Blow-ed Out

Cattail Regatta report – Toledo Ohio Sat June 2nd, 2012.

The forecast was for 20 with 30 gusts .. right .. how often does that happen on Saturday afternoon ..   but it did and the RC abandoned the racing during the first race.   The wind was sustained gusts that lasted five minutes with  little 30 second lulls.      Results of those getting blow-ed off the water in blow off order:

1.  Gary Smith – Toledo
2.  Joe Belhobek – Cleveland
3.  Eric Ruthenford – Cleveland (went back out on a 4.5)
4.  Scott Haas – Toledo
5.  Gordon Bitlle – Columbus
6.  Scott Foley – Detriot
7.  Chris Berry – Toledo

Thanks to all that attended .. after derigging most of us enjoyed a Pirate hamburger with fries, pie and keg at the Jolly Roger Sailing Club.    This year launching was easier at a new ramp area in the Lost Peninsular marina.

New launch area

We are hoping to round up a few windsurfers for a little regatta held locally here in Toledo on July 28, 2012 at the Perrysburg Boat Club on the Maumee River.    River racing is tame and great for beginners as there are no waves and usually not much wind ..  also you can’t blow over to Canada like you can on Lake Erie.   Those skilled in quick tacks and able to play the wind shifts .. will have an advantage