2010 MOWIND Series Awards

We had another fantastic race season in 2010, culminating in an awards ceremony last Saturday night after racing at the Windpower Championships. Racers and guests dined at the Sunset Supper Club and continued the festivities at a bonfire across the street at Windpower. Winners were presented with MOWIND jackets.

Participation was up this year with 174 registered racers in the series. Congratulations to everyone!

Here is a summary of the Series Leaders, and complete results are posted on the Scores page.

Class Position Fleet Position Name
Unlimited A Fleet (60 racers)
1st 1st Arden Anderson
2nd 2nd Andy Gratton
3rd 3rd Don Altmyer
4th 4th Steve Johnson
5th 6th Peter Hartwich
6th 7th Mike Reed
8.5 Limited A Fleet (29 racers)
1st 5th Magnus Zaunmueller
2nd 8th Tim Cleary
3rd 9th Alex Monroe
Hybrid A Fleet (10 racers)
1st 22nd Scott Haas
2nd 25th Chris Barry
3rd 40th Nat Siddal
Women’s A Fleet (5 racers)
1st 27th Andree Gauthier
2nd 37th Stephanie Todd
3rd 43rd Kathy Leifer
Men’s Sport Fleet (41 racers)
1st 1st Jim Magnuson
2nd 4th Friedhelm Bruinhhaus
3rd 6th Gary Lovrine
4th 7th John Darling
Women’s Sport Fleet (9 racers)
1st 10th Margot Woodworth
2nd 23rd Kelly Johnson
3rd 28th Martha Borthouse
Senior’s Sport Fleet (6 racers)
1st 2nd Larry Reed
2nd 13th George Konopka
3rd 15th Gatis Makstenieks
Junior’s Sport Fleet (2 racers)
1st 3rd Niels Zaunmueller
2nd 5th Kylan Johnson
Workshop Fleet (2 racers)
1st 1st Niels Zaunmueller
2nd 2nd Austin Hamburger
3rd 3rd Kylan Johnson


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#2 Kevin Gratton on 10.02.10 at 8:07 PM

Wow a 174 racers that is great!