Midwest Speed Quest Fall Report August 31, 2010

Midwest Speed Quest Report August 31, 2010

2010 has been a great year for the Midwest Speed Quest on Lake Okabena, Worthington Minnesota. This Windsurfing GPS Speed Sailing Event runs through October 15th. The Racing Schedule is open during this time, and the racer may choose the day he wishes to Speed Sail. There are no fees, and the racer may enter as many times as they wish. This has been a popular format.

Thank to the generosity of our Sponsors, we have been able to provide demo gear to all visiting Racers. This includes KA Sails (WIndsurf Deal, California), two Carbon Art Boards (Carbon Art International, New Zealand), Vector Fins (Vector Fins Maui, Hawaii), and Gath Helmets (Murrays Sports, California).

We are proud to offer the finest Windsurfing Gear from around the World to our visiting guests.

The winds for Aug 27-30 were well over 30 mph each day. Our flags were torn to shreds over the weekend!

Windy Weekend!

On May 1, the lead was taken early by David Knight  of Fridley Minnesots. He used the KA Koncept  6.6 Sail and Carbon Art Slalom Board and Vector 28 EX fin. He recorded a personal record with a Ten Second Run of 32.8 knots, and a Max 2 Second Speed of 33.52 knots.

David Knight

On the same day, Ed Melchson of Papillion Nebraska sailed into Second Place, entering a personal best of 30.8 knots sailing the KA Koncept 5.8 Sail.

Ed Melechson

David won a Gath Helmet. Ed won a Gath Helmet and $100 CASH!

Prize Winners!

On August 29, Andrew Anderson of Oakland California took the lead, with new personal best 10 Second Speed of 35.4 knots, with a Max Speed of 37.64 knots. Andrew was sailing the Niel Pryde RS Sail, the Carbon Art SL75 Slalom Board, and Vector Rockit Fin.

Andrew Anderson Oakland California

Andrew Anderson

Arden Anderson of Fon du Lac Wisconsin is in 3rd place with a speed of 32.73 knots, and a Max Speed of 33.64. Arden used a Vector EX Fin.

Arden Anderson Fon du Lac WI

Adam Anderson is now in 4th Place with new personal best 10 Second Speed of 31.2 knots, and a Max Speed of 33.12 Knots.

Adam Anderson, Eagen Minnesota

5th Place is now held by Ed Melechson.

Sixth Place is held by 15 year old Magnus Zaunmueller of Beaver Dam Wisconsin.  He was sailing the KA Koncept 4.4 Sail, the Carbon Art SP53 Speed Board, and Vector EX 32 Fin. This was his first attempt at Speed Sailing, and using the Koncept Sail. The conditions were challenging with the gusty winds and heavy chop. He also set a new personal best 10 Second Speed was 27.12 knots; and a Max Speed was 29.33 knots! Magnus won $100 CASH and a Gath Helmet!

Magnus Zaunmueller Beaver Dam WI

Magnus Zaunmueller

Magnus Zaunmueller

Ken Gacke of Brandon SD hold 7th with a personal best of 26.88, and a Max Speed of 27.85.

Ken Gacke Brandon South Dakota

Jeff Hegwer of Mason City Iowa has 8th place, Jason Swanson is in 9th.

Jeff Hegwer Mason City Iowa

Jason Swanson Bigelow MN

New personal best speeds were ralso ecorded by Wayne Anderson, Piotr Waszczuk, Jim Magnuson, Arnie Cleveland, and Niels Zaunmueller. Congratulations!!!

Wayne Anderson Elkhart Lake WI

Piotr Wasczcuk Minneapolis MN

Jim Magnuson Beaver Dam WI

Arnie Cleveland Prescott Wisconsin

Niels Zaunmueller Beaver Dam WI

Niels Zaunmueller and Dakine Harness Prize

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Thank you MOWIND Members for supporting the Midwest Speed Quest year after year!

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Best Regards,

Craig Bergh

Timekeeper and Organizer

Midwest Speed Quest

133 Lake Avenue

Worthington, MInnesota 56187


Web:  http://www.midwestspeedquest.com

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